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Business software should respond to change as fast as you do! A business that cannot respond to change, is a business that may not last. Most business software today requires software developers to be able to rewrite processes, or change the way they work. Not anymore. The Symphoni platform puts you in the driving seat of your business. If you could build custom business software in minutes, without writing a single line of code, what would you build?


Eliminate manual or paper processes in minutes! That’s our promise to you. Have credit control nightmares? Want to automate customer follow ups? Expense control driving you up the wall? Purchase order authorizations, just not being authorized? Flooded with paper? It’s 2017! – Build an app for that! … In minutes, no code, just ‘drag and drop’.


Uploading spreadsheets of data between different systems to keep them synchronized? Downloading data from one system to upload to another? Eliminate these manual processes and integrate your software applications to work together autonomously. It’s simple enough for anyone to do – without code, or prior experience. Connect virtually any system to any other system, in seconds.


Returning control back to the user! Developers often control the systems that effectively run companies. Rules  built into ERP or Warehouse Management systems may be outdated, or no longer match the objectives of your organization. Symphoni returns control back to the people who run the business РYou. Making changes to how refunds are calculated or a late payment fee is as simple as a few intuitive clicks Рall without code, or anything cryptic.


Nurture an innovative problem solving culture that creates solutions when encountering an inefficiency. Provide your team with the tools to reinvent or refactor outdated business processes, on a path to continual improvement.

Replace broken processes, iron out bottlenecks, eradicate unnecessary paper pushing, eliminate waste and inefficiency. Every one of us can imagine a better way of doing things. Empower your team to employ their creativity and experience on a path of business process optimization and a commitment to excellence. Rally behind change.. Get “stuff” done quick!