IoT Powered Business

Not just another IoT Platform

Business models and revenue streams of the future will integrate IoT to feel the physical world and make executable real time decisions. Whether it’s demand / surge based pricing, or consumption based business models in the rental economy of the future, Symphoni allows you to build apps that combine IoT, analytics and AI to power your next business model. Most importantly, build your future business model rapidly, with no code!

Think we're kidding? Here's a teaser to show you just how serious we are!

Eliminate any custom development with intuitive click-to-configure tools that significantly reduce development time, risk, cost and complexity for companies, large and small.┬áThe Symphoni platform can run triggers, do conditional monitoring, make decisions and take actions – all without code!

Rapid Protyping

Build, test, rinse and repeat. That’s how product market fit is developed today. We make that process seamless by allowing you to build enterprise grade IoT business apps in minutes, not months.

Simply drag and drop your way to implementing your newest IoT powered idea. These full stack applications are not just limited to interfaces, and gracefully transition between mobile and desktop – all built without any programming knowledge. The Symphoni platform automatically generates databases, logic, interface, and even API’s.

Implement IoT faster, cheaper and easier with the cloud platform today.

Plug and Play Interoperability

Applications should work together and integrate with cloud services right out of the box! At least that’s how we see the world. With our deep IoT integrations, you can forget about protocols, API keys or any other technical jargon. Connect your devices to each other, or to other cloud services in a heartbeat without the b.s., or any code.

Enterprise Grade Security

Security is neither optional, nor an after thought. The Symphoni platform has enterprise grade security built into every component without exception. We could throw around buzz words like tokens, 256 bit SSL, federation, and encryption, but rest assured your data and everything in between is very well protected. This is not a responsibility we take lightly.

Industry Standards as Standard

Employing standards based technology including REST, OAUTH 2, MQTT, and WebSocket, these industry standard technologies form the basis of our platform’s interoperability. Rest assured your apps will be built using industry’s latest standards.


Automatically analyze data streaming to our cloud, visualize in beautiful graphs and dashboards. Automatically trigger rules based action with other IoT devices (actuators) or web APIs.

Current Large IoT Partnerships

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