Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts, not Complex Contracts

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Why are Smart Contracts important?

Ultimately, Smart Contracts make buying and selling much safer than it is today. Suppose that you purchased property insurance to protect your home in the event of a fire. Let’s also imagine that a few months after your purchase that the insurance firm encountered a computer crash resulting in some data being lost – including any data about your policy. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the insurance company would not have any record in their system of your insurance policy. Yikes! 

Smart Contracts solve this problem by storing the record of your purchase to a distributed ledger (think public database) that cannot be modified by anyone. This means that a computer crash cannot delete this data, but it also means that you’re able to point to a public record as proof of your insurance purchase. Your ownership of that insurance policy can never be disputed!

How can we help?

We’ve revolutionized the way Smart Contracts are built, by allowing anyone and everyone to build Smart Contracts – by building them in plain English – No Code! What difference does this make?


We eliminate the friction involved in adopting Smart Contracts as part of your existing business processes. Not only do you need any software developers to build and start using Smart Contracts, our integration platform enables you to integrate it with your existing processes regardless of what systems you may be using. Whether it’s SAP. Oracle or even home grown, our platform helps make this transition graceful and painless.


Would you sign a contract that was written in a language you cannot understand? Smart Contracts written in English are readable by everybody. This means that you can verify exactly what a Smart Contract will do, before you ever send your virtual currency to it. We think this will help businesses adopt Smart Contracts as part of their everyday activities.


Smart Contracts can be built by anybody! Build Smart Contracts in plain English, focus strictly on the things you would like it do, without worrying about any of the internal plumbing. We got you covered with all the geeky complicated stuff. Building Smart Contracts is so simple that anyone can do it; it’s no different to building anything else in our platform.

Security by Default

We’ve all heard about the hacks ever present in the virtual currency world, so security is not something anyone should take lightly. We’ve got security built into each contract by default, protecting you and the people interacting with any Smart Contract built on our platform. 

What's the road map?

In the future, in addition to supporting Ethereum Smart Contracts, we will also support IOTA in the following ways:

  1. Our Raspberry Pi solution for Makers will allow you to collect and use IOTA to interact with your projects.
  2. When IOTA supports Smart Contracts, we hope to allow you to build IOTA Smart Contracts, without writing code.