Spreadsheet Woes

A labor of love

Having to update your spreadsheets each morning with the previous days numbers, updating data ranges in all your charts, checking formula to ensure they encompass the new data; can be described as a labor of love. What if all that just happened automatically? Turn your morning chore into an automated process in minutes.

Sharing is... risky

Sending spreadsheets back and fourth to other people can result in many WTH moments. Did they mess with your formulas? Delete data accidentally? Add data in the wrong place? Avoid all these pitfalls by building applications with simple interfaces. A few text fields for the exact data to enter, and have your calculations and graphs update automatically.

Versions of Truth

Emailing back and forth copies of a spreadsheets creates many versions of the truth. In particular, when multiple people are making modifications at the same time. Collaborate together seamlessly in real time. Eliminate emailing, have everyone operate off one online version of the truth.