Our Technology

Technology as an enabler...

The secret sauce to how our applications are built without code..

Design beautiful interfaces, easily.

Apps should look beautiful. Build beautiful interfaces, simply. Drag, Drop, Done. Apply images, videos, backgrounds, borders, themes, fonts, etc. 

Logic that just snaps together

No jargon, no cryptic coding. Logic statements written in plain English that everyone can understand. Snap together to create any functionality you can imagine. Simple, intuitive, easy – anyone can do it.

Connect the world together

Instantly integrate your favorite online services, effortlessly, and codelessly. #Slack, Twitter, MailChimp, Insta… you name it, you’re only a few clicks away from building connected apps.

Workflows that flow

Build apps on your terms, intuitively! Drag and Drop your logic into a sequence of actions – entirely visually. Automatically initiate your workflow whenever someone fills in a form, saves a document, or even sends you a Tweet! 

No database

Never worry about data structures, relationships, indexes, sharding, masters, or anything else relating to how data is stored. Focus strictly on the outcomes you wish to achieve with your applications, and we do everything else behind the scene, automagically. 

Enterprise grade Security

You can expect bullet proof security from the apps built on the Symphoni platform. Every single application is protected with OAUTH2 authentication and authorization, 256 bit end-to-end SSL, device level encryption, two factor authentication, device recognition, and data isolation. We think about your data and your applications like banks think about your bank account.

Applications that scale themselves

Your applications will scale up and down automatically to facilitate changes in load or to accommodate seasonality.  Best of all, there’s nothing you need to do to “switch on” this capability. It’s built into every aspect of our platform by default. You’ll never need to worry about whether your IT infrastructure will be able to handle your growth.

No Infrastructure

All of this results in never having to think about upgrades, patches, optimization, fault tolerance, RAID, failed disks, or any other infrastructure nonsense. Focus on building apps, and we do everything else behind the scenes, so you don’t have to.